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Jaguar XK8/R 2007-2014 Cabrio Shield® Soft Top Protection
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Last Modified 12/08/21
Please choose your Cabrio Shield® from the range below.
Jaguar XK8/R 2007-2014
Standard Cabrio Shield®
Jaguar XK8/R 2007-2014 Standard Cabrio Shield®
For frequent, short term use. Available in Black, Red and Blue

The standard Cabrio Shield® is made from waterproof Twillshield® CST fabric, which has a polyester facing and vinyl coated backing.

The standard Cabrio Shield® is ideal for frequent short term use, such as protecting the soft top when parked on the roadside.

For the ultimate in long term soft top protection and performance, we recommend the Premium Cabrio Shield®.
Jaguar XK8/R 2007-2014
Premium Cabrio Shield®
Jaguar XK8/R 2007-2015 Premium Cabrio Shield®
For ultimate protection and performance. Ideal for long term use.

The premium Cabrio Shield® is made from Cabriotex® CSS fabric that offers exceptional breathability, durability and resistance to mildew.

Cabriotex® CSS fabric has a breathable membrane that allows air and moisture to freely move from under the fabric and the special fabric guard coating helps prevent mildew build up and damage from UV rays. This high performance fabric is designed for prolonged outdoor exposure in all climatic conditions and the material is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Available in Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue & Silver.
Jaguar XK8/R 1996-2006 Standard Cabrio Shield®
Jaguar XK8/R 1996-2006 Premium Cabrio Shield®
Cabriotex™ CSS Breathable Fabric
Cabriotex™ CSS Anti Fungal Fabric Guard
Anti Fungal
Cabriotex™ CSS Fabric Tension Stability
Tensional Stability
Cabriotex™ CSS Fabric UPF 50+ 100% UV Filter
100% of UVB Filtered
Cabriotex™ CSS Fabric 5 Year Warranty
5 Year